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Goals for 2022 | 2 mins | Add a Comment

In 2021, a lot changed. Newly married to Ann-Marie, we were gifted a wonderful daughter, Adora. And we bought a home, where we’re able to establish some roots in Longcreek Plantation, Blythewood, SC.

Now phasing into the New Year, I’ve some time to reflect on things that are important to me. In looking forward for 2022, I want to make sure to prioritize some things for spiritual growth, some for physical growth, and some for mental growth.

For spiritual growth, I’ve done a good bit of reading in 2021 (particularly Timothy Keller), but I still feel like I’m lacking a...

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Types of Software Development | 12 mins | Add a Comment


Today I’m writing about the different types of software development, since something I myself might benefit from writing out (I’m better at writing things out than talking about them verbally). The software world is a rapidly shifting industry, and everywhere you read, you only get a little bit of the overall picture. I can’t write anything all encompassing, but I hope to be able to help paint that picture about how the industry of software development works, and who’s involved in it.

Quick Tangent on Software Development Roles

Custom and extensible software is embedded in so many industries...

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What I read in 2021 | 3 mins | Add a Comment

I’ve realized, from my time spent in college reading myself out of a bad pathway in life, that books really do a lot to shape us as human beings. Yet, I don’t really know a majority of the books the people around me have read, or are reading. So, in response to that issue, I decided I want to share what I read with others, year after year. If you want to know why I’ve changed this year, either for better, for worse, for weirder, or for cooler – just read these posts.

I’ve started with a list, and then...

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Thanksgiving 2021 | 2 mins | Add a Comment

I just wanted to take some time to write about how undeserving I am of what I have come to know these last few years.

I’m now 27 years old, and I have a beautiful wife, daughter, and family. I have a mom, brother, father, wife, and extended family who love me and support me through pretty much anything - including times of depression, anxiety, and self-doubt.

I really struggled in late high school and college with finding who I was. I’m fortunate to have hit rock bottom relatively quickly, and after doing so, and admitting how much I hated...

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#100DaysOfCode - Reflections on #100DaysOfCode | 2 mins | Add a Comment

I started on the #100DaysOfCode journey on 10/23/2021 with [], back when I was relatively new on the job as a developer, and an expecting father / husband-to-be. The journey was insturmental to help me create time for continuous outside of the actual value adding tasks at our business. It helped me learn the value of documenting my own knowledge to cement it in my brain, and ensure they’re polished enough for myself or someone else to read in 5 years. It also helped me not be afraid of sharing my own thoughts or understandings of things, which I often...

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